Persepolis – The Judged Image

The first purpose of Persepolis written by Marjane Satrapi is to convince the readers of the covered truth in the history of Iran. Reminding the readers the serious restriction in people’s religious beliefs, the author names the first chapter with a subtle meaning. The chapter one, “The Veil”, which is the system in Islamic countries that women must cover their hair in public, also conveys the hidden truth about the belligerent attitude of Iranians that the world knows. To erase this negatively presented image of the entire nation, the author expresses all her actual thoughts as a child in an authentic language. Her consistent beautiful attempt to change the country is conveyed by her ambition to be a next prophet. The strange ambition sarcastically highlights how people views religion. Also, the God in the author’s imagination which depicts the God as her friend reflects her inward thinking which can be generalized to the religious views of the most Iranians that their images should be destroyed by a few people with a wrong belief in religion.


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