The Final Project

I plan to work alone.

This is my possible idea.
A guy is working on his paper for a criminology class and having trouble figuring out how a person becomes a killer, but a finding the answer leads him to be confused with reality and illusion.


Persepolis – Separate to Connect

An appalling image of Iranians spreading over the world caused the unsettled author to create Persepolis in order to erase the bad image created by unreasonable practices of only few people. With an intention to fight the religious tradition, the author presents her authentic idea according to her own experience. Written as a memoir, the book, retelling the story of the author’s life, contains several issues from each section. Wanting to lead the readers to big pictures of each story, she separates the book into chapters, which is easy for the readers to focus. Also, the readers feel that the story is well organized and not created by many piles of author’s memory put together. As a collection of the author’s memory in her childhood, the story is told in black-white tone. Consequently, the images are simplified because there is no shadow or elaborate patterns of shade. This artistic style sometime does not attract the readers because of its poor graphics. However, it universalizes theme to cover other issues based on the same idea about judging other people too soon according to only their nationalities. Therefore, the author employs both artistic possibilities to highlight her belief about Iranians which not only revives her nation in the others’ views but also teaches the readers a serious moral about judging others from only a terrible part of the whole image.