Blankets – The Brother

Blankets, by Craig Thompson, presents the author’s depiction of guilt about letting his younger brother, Phil, be treated badly by others in his childhood. As a child, the author is not courageous enough to protect his younger brother when their father locks him in the cubby hole. In the forgotten room, the author draws an exaggerated image showing ugliness of the surroundings. Realizing how spooky the room is, the author expresses his sense of guilt by employing a fictitious style to show that despite not suffering from this room, he understands his horrified brother. Even if the innocence of the younger brother which causes the problem with their father creates a chance for the author to play a role of a protective brother, the author again miss this chance to protect him from child abuse. Craig does not tell his brother the truth behind about their babysitter sexually abusing him. The author’s feeling of guilt about the relationship with his brother in his childhood, however, makes overcome his conflict later in his young adult life.


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